Apps That Are Similar To The Functions Of Showbox

Entertainment has become a need of all ages of people in the society. In the same way, mobile and the functional apps are two major facets of technology that are really ubiquitous nowadays. Thus, when the mobile handsets and their applications are used in any entertainment business, it may not only assist to improve the audience’s experience, but also cause a high visibility in the market. The use of particular mobile apps in the present entertainment business has truly brought about the formation of a phrase- mobile entertainment. Among all the apps, the name of ShowBox that is available at is perhaps familiar to lots of people.

However, some users want to know the names of similar kinds of apps. If the features of ShowBox can be analyzed, you can easily make out the similarities.

  • Free app
  • Compatible with various mobile platforms
  • Simple UI
  • Login for once
  • Simple schedule of available shows
  • Download option for the movies
  • Four categories of programs
  • Light weight application
  • Choose the movie quality to be installed by you
  • The programs can be watched in complete HD quality

The following alternative apps work just in the same way as ShowBox.


It is also another application that is quite parallel to ShowBox because it has over twenty five million users all over the internet world. It can upload its content on a regular basis. You do not have to sign up for enjoying its movies. No matter, where you stay, only download the applications and begin to enjoy it for free. The interesting fact, which you have to remember, is that you will easily be able to cast the full-length films from your ShowBox application to Chromecast.

Hulu App

It is a software system that can update its content just after broadcasting the television serial or film. You may watch several episodes of any specific program for free. However, it depends on the program that you have selected. This feature of watching the programs at free of cost is similar to ShowBox. Moreover, it sustains Chromecast to cast the films to television. Like ShowBox, this app also gives the opportunity to arrange your most preferred films.


It is also a site, where you may find all kinds of films with various qualities. Like ShowBox, this application is not merely about films. When you want to watch television programs, you may get a vast catalogue of television shows in the interface of this app. MovieTube contains more than 20,000 Movies along with other shows.

In fact, ShowBox is really the foremost application in the relevant field; however, at times, its server may show some problems because a huge number of users access it. But, you can solve it with a few steps.  And it does not mean that the apps other than ShowBox will not show any issue. So, it is better to know the alternatives of each of these apps.