Snow Blowers For Your Rescue During Heavy Snowfall

Snow thrower or snow blowers provide efficient and rapid snow removal. If your house is located in a snowy area, this machine can be very useful for you. It is not easy to clean and remove the snow that gets accumulated in front of the house without snow blowers. Heavy duty snow blowers are used in areas that have heavy snowfall.

Different types of snow blowers are now available in the market. If you want information about snow blowers, you can find it online at Snow Shifts. Many types of snow throwers are single stage electric snow blowers, single stage gas snow blowers, two stage gas snow blowers and three stage gas snow blowers.

  • Single stage snow blowers – These snow blowers are lighter and easier to handle. These are best for cleaning mid-sized areas with snowfall of less than 8 inches. Single stage electric snow blowers do not have driving wheels. These blowers have rubber tipped augers that propel the machine while picking or throwing the snow. These blowers are best to be used on level driveways. This blower works well on walkways and decks that are snow covered.
  • Gas snow blower- These blowers are gas powered and they are more powerful than the electric snow blowers. They have higher capacity to pick and throw the snow. These blowers can pick a large amount of snow at a time. These blowers are easy to store, handle and are light in weight.
  • Two stage snow blowers- These blowers have the capacity to handle snowfalls of more than 8 inches. These blowers are used for clearing the snow in large areas. It helps to remove the snow in a faster way.
  • Three stage snow blowers- These are somewhat similar to two stage snow blowers but they are more efficient than two stage snow blowers. They are also gas models. They are used to clean the larger areas in the shortest time.

Buying tips

If you want to buy a snow blower, you should consider some important points like the size of the area for which you need snow blower, the amount of snowfall in your area, features of snow blower, etc. Considering all these points, you can easily select the right snow blower. Different snow blowers have different features and capacity. Moreover for different areas, different snow blowers are used. Electric snow blowers have power steering that provides superior maneuverability. Moreover, advanced snow blowers have speed controller by which you can easily control its speed. These blowers have headlight which provides better visibility. Gas snow blowers have more clearing ability. You can even use these blowers with single handle because they are light in weight. You need not to put any extra effort to move them and remove the snow.