Panini. Top five recipes.

Two slices of bread with a layer of a ham. It is the simplest and fastest recipe of the Italian grilled sandwich Panini. It is a fast and nutritious sandwich, which variety depends only on your imagination and existence of products in the fridge. If you are one of those adore this dish, here is top five recipes of this tasty snack.

1) Panini with mozzarella

Ingredients (for four portions):

  • 8 slices of white loaf;
  • 2 tablespoons of butter;
  • 200 g of a mozzarella;
  • 2 tomatoes;
  • 2 tablespoons of pesto sauce;
  • Fresh leaves of a basil to taste.

Cooking method: Smear four slices of bread with pesto sauce. Cut a mozzarella and tomatoes thin circles. On bread, halves from pesto lay out circles of tomatoes and from above a mozzarella. Then from above at will, it is possible to put leaves of basil and cover each sandwich with the slice of bread. Then warm a frying pan and on butter fry Panini within the third minutes from each party.

However, it is recommended to use Panini press or Panini grill. By means of this devices, your sandwich will be more crispy and tasty. So if you do not have one of such devices, suggest you buy one. For the reviews of the best Panini, press and Panini grill go to the site

 2) Panini with ham and cheese

Ingredients (for one portion):

  • 2 slices of white bread;
  • 2 pieces of cheese;
  • 2 pieces of ham;
  • 4 fresh leaflets of a basil;
  • Paprika, salt, black ground pepper.

Cooking method: Lay out a bread layer, a ham layer, 2 leaflets of basil, sprinkle with above a paprika. Then again put cheese, basil and from above bread slice. Add salt and pepper. Then fry Panini in Panini press /Panini grill.

 3) Panini with a salmon

Ingredients (4 portions):

  • Ciabatta bread;
  • 130 g of a mozzarella;
  • 40 g of a light-salted salmon;
  • 10 g of mayonnaise;
  • leaves of a fresh basil;
  • Lettuce leaves.

Cooking method: At first, you should slightly dry ciabatta in an oven before the emergence of a crisp. Cut in half so that one edge remained whole. Grease bread with mayonnaise sauce and small chopped basil. Lay thin slices of a salmon and a mozzarella inside. Then fry in a pan or in the Panini press /Panini grill until cheese melted a little. After that, put inside a lettuce leaf.

4)Panini with fried egg

Ingredients (for 1 portion):

  • 2 slices of bread;
  • 3 tablespoons of grated cheese;
  • 1 fried egg;
  • 2 strips of fried bacon;
  • Butter to taste;
  • Lettuce leaves to taste;
  • Add salt and pepper.

Cooking method: Warm a frying pan or the Panini press/Panini grill. Smear 2 pieces of bread with butter. Turn one piece on another side. Sprinkle it with grated cheese, put bacon and fried egg. Then taste on a salt and pepper. Cover with a lettuce leaf and the slice of bread. Fry Panini until the golden brown crust.

5) Chocolate Panini.

Ingredients (for 4 portions):

  • Ciabatta bread;
  • ½ glasses of nut or almond oil;
  • 2 tablespoons of honey;
  • 200 g of chocolate;
  • 2 tablespoons of the kindled butter;
  • 1 clove spoon;
  • ¼ spoon of salt

Cooking method: Cut bread into several slices. Mix nut oil, honey, salt, and clove. Distribute 1 tablespoon of the turned-out mix on each slice of bread. Add chocolate and cover it with another slice from above. Then cover it with melted butter and pan fry until chocolate melts.