Why white noise helps us to fall asleep?

Nowadays problem of bad dream have become extremely actual. Global pollution of water and air, low quality of food, unstoppable noises and constant stress harmfully influence on our health and leads to trouble sleeping. There are a lot of means that can help you to fall asleep. Among them white noise is considered the most safe.

For some people, white noise is the compulsory provision of a good dream. Many cannot plunge into night dreams if the background of does not sound familiar “sh-sh-sh”. However, is the replacement of daily sounds with other noise bewitching acts on us? In addition, what color can be a noise?

The idea to replace one noise by another seems ridiculous. What sense in it? I cannot fall asleep because of foreign sounds. Therefore, I will include another foreign sound. Strange, right? Nevertheless, many people assure that they are not capable of falling asleep normally without white noise. In addition, some companies will even sell you the device reproducing optimized noise for the best dream (So you could hop over to these guys!) So what is wrong with our brain and ears?

The answer is short. White noise sounds better. At least for some of us.

Now here is a long answer. White noise is a stationary noise, which spectral components are regularly distributed on all range of the involved frequencies.

Imagine orchestra with a huge number of musicians, each of which plays on a note. This orchestra at the same time covers all sounds available to a human ear. Here is a great example of white noise.

When you wake up from some sound, it is not a sound fault. You are awoken by a change of a sound background, the arisen inconsistency. White noise blocks similar sharp changes as if protecting you from unexpected sounds.

If you do not like white noise, try to listen to the noise of other colors.

For example, there is a pink noise. It still calls vibrating. It is similar on white, but its frequencies are higher. It is useful to those who suffer from noise in ears. Pink noise can help to fall asleep to those people for whom white noise is unpleasant.

Red (Brown, Brownian) noise is still called noise of drunk walking. Aurally it seems to “warmer” in comparison with white. A law of mixing of colors, by the way, does not work at all.

Certainly, not everyone like such noise. Some people, on the contrary, are more sensitive to background sounds. Probably, someone from us is inclined to snatch out separate notes from infinite noise. Someone hears it as the pacifying flow.

In addition, what noise is the most pleasant for your ear? Whether you fill up less with one of those noises?