Riding Your Bike During Winter – What You Need to Know

Just because winter has set in doesn’t mean that you park your motorcycle and keep the gloves on the shed till summer sets in. You can still enjoy that regular bike ride during these conditions, albeit for a few changes that you need to perform. However, for some riders, riding during these conditions isn’t for them. For some, they place their bike in hibernation mode and keep it away till the spring.

But it shouldn’t be this way. With just a little common sense, the right kit and proper preparation, you can ride safely through all the conditions unless it is extreme. Here are some few tips to make this a reality for you and your friends.

Prep Your Bike

During winter, grip, visibility, and braking are everything. Make sure your tires have the right tread depth to provide the perfect grip with the tarmac. Sliding on wet roads is easy during this period. If the tires are worn out, make sure you replace both of them with new ones. Have a look at http://www.bikersbasics.com/motorcycle-tire-reviews/to get the tires you need for the upcoming season.

You also need to have your brakes and lights checked. Additionally, during winter conditions, you need to increase the braking distance to reduce the chances of accidents.

Make Wise Decisions

Never overestimate your abilities. If it is snowing or if the weather forecast predicts snow later in the day, let the bike rest as well. As much as it is tempting to think you have the response times and experience to stay safe, accidents do happen and you don’t need to be a victim. Remember, cold tires on any surface provide less traction than warm tires on a hot surface.

Don’t Forget the Gear

The motorcycle helmet is one of the most important safety gears you can have. A good helmet will last five years when used occasionally, and three if you use it on a regular basis. Without proper clothing, it is hazardous to ride in temperatures below 10 degrees centigrade. Have a balaclava, long underwear and neck warmer for this purpose. You can also invest in heated clothing as well.

Let’s Ride!

When it comes to winter, the roads are slippery, and visibility is poor. It becomes tough to ride your bike, but with a few changes, you can do so safely. Make sure you have new tires fitted on your bike and work on the lights and brakes to stay relevant on the road.